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Bible Readings

Sometimes it is easier to listen than read.

You might need to turn up the volume, we need to adjust the recording settings!

The mp3 files will play on whatever media player you have on your machine (hopefully). Use your browser back button to get out of the media player if the navigation disappears!


Listen to Colossians (mp3 15 1/2 mins)


Listen to Galatians (mp3 22 mins)


Listen to the Epistle from Jude (mp3 4 1/2 minutes)


Listen to the Epistle from James (mp3 17 minutes)

1 Peter

Listen to 1 Peter (mp3 17 minutes)

2 Peter

Listen to 2 Peter (mp3 11 minutes)

1 John

Listen to 1 John (mp3 18 minutes)